Call for General Papers

Topics of ICNLP 2025 include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Language Analysis and Representation:
Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology;
Syntax, Semantics, Discourse, Pragmatics, Dialogue, and Lexicon;
Word and Sentence Representation;
word and sentence representation;
POS Tagging;
Semantic Role Labelling;
Word-Sense Disambiguation;
Multiword Expressions;
Anaphora Resolution;

2. Language Processing Models and Techniques:
Mathematical, Statistical, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Models;
Mathematical and Statistical Models;
Machine Learning Models;
Deep Learning Models ;

3. Language Resources and Tools:
Language Resources and Corpora;
Electronic Dictionaries, Terminologies, and Ontologies;
Linked Data; 

4. Multilingual and Cross-Lingual Processing:
Multilingual NLP;
Machine Translation, Translation Memory Systems, and Computer-Aided Translation Tools;
Text Simplification and Readability Estimation; 

5. Information Extraction and Retrieval:
Knowledge Acquisition;
Information Retrieval;
Text Categorization; 
Information Extraction;
Text Summarization;
Terminology Extraction; 
Question Answering;
Fact Checking;

6. Sentiment Analysis and Human Interaction::
Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis;
Stance Recognition;
Author Profiling;
Dialogue Systems;
Computer-Aided Language Learning;

7. Specialized NLP Applications:
NLP for Biomedical Texts and Healthcare;
NLP for the Semantic Web; 

8. Special Session I topics:  Multi-modal Information Processing: Recent advances and applications
Single Modal Data Analysis;
Acquisition Techniques for Multi-Modal Data; 
Multi-Modal Representation and Translation; 
Multi-Modal Alignment and Fusion ; 
Cross-Modal Retrieval, Co-Training, Transfer Learning, Few/Zero-Shot Learning; 
Applications of Multi-Modal Information Processing;